m a r i n e  mo r p h o l o g y 

Spring/ Summer 17

Within  Marine  Morphology I explored the forms of structure that are associated with the ocean. This included looking at a variety of different forms for example: rocks, water and shells. This research helped influence this idea of cluster and I wanted to create chaotic and bold swatches that represented the textures I had come across when researching the concept.  The colour palette was subtle with a hint of lime to really make it stand out.  Morphology meaning ‘to study the form of things’ really made me concentrate on what I what producing and how to translate my initial drawings in the beautifully crafted samples. For this project we had to concentrate on a certain designer. I choose Delpozo as a main source of inspire just from the way he creates embellishments really represented what I wanted to achieve . His  expressive way of connecting fabric   and thread is something  I  admire,  simple  but beautiful, the way he manipulates  materials  into structured form was something I was trying to re create with my own personality. This collection was targeting high end womenswear for spring/ summer 17 therefore I had to really  consider the materials used to make it so luxurious. 

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