f r e s h  v o i c e s

Spring/ Summer 20

The punk rebellion began in the 1970s due to the introduction of punk rock music led by artists such as the sex pistols, they were idolised by many, not down purely to their musical gift but to the rebellious attitudes, this is seen through artists such as Sid vicious and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen who introduced rebellion through fashion and public image. This has led to vast progress in the fashion industry and inspiration for many rebellious styles we see created today. Fresh Voice’s will investigate the true state of mind of a Punk, it will explore the world as we see it today and provoke some issues within society and create a loud message in true punk style. Although, it will have a little twist within it as I want to create a Spring/ Summer Womenswear collection that is more ‘pretty punk’. I aim to find inspiration in contextualising a subculture tribe fully explored and known as the punks. With it being the ultimate British Subculture its reflects heritage, history and style. Therefore, this collection is a contemporary version of punk and what I believe it would look like in today’s society. 

© 2019 by Ella Kirk.

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