E A R T H Y  E S C A P A D E

Spring/ Summer 19

A current theme of having no borders between a personal and professional life and how they can be interlinked to create EARTHY ESCAPADE. Turning nature into an everyday wardrobe that is acceptable to wear at work and for leisure. I explored the contrast between hard beats and soft Eco’s and manipulated them into a military jungle.  My athleisure women collection is targeting busy working women who want to move through life easier. This project I will be focusing on designing a high end athleisure collection for Spring/Summer 19/20 to sit along side companies such as Stella McCartney and Acne Studios. It will consist of multi functional garments that provide comfort and professionalism for working women. As I am targeting a higher market I will be looking at a few different generations for consumers. But ultimately, the consumers with a conscious as my collection resembles the challenging issues we put on the environment.  In this busy world we are lacking our sense of nature, we are too distracted by ‘work’ I want to convey that contrast and really promote how important nature is for us to be able to survive.

© 2019 by Ella Kirk.

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